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Thai combination

Thai massage is a unique healing art with more than 2,000 years of history. It is a deep, full-body massage that focuses on the body’s energy lines, leaving you feeling energized and invigorated while simultaneously relieving stress and tension. Thai combination blends the techniques of Swedish and deep tissue massages, improving circulation, helping the body to eliminate toxins and providing physical and mental balance.


Perhaps the most familiar massage, Swedish style is often slow and gentle, but can be more vigorous, depending on your needs. It is particularly well-suited for relieving tension and "knots" in the muscles.

Deep tissue

Deep tissue massage is more intense than Swedish, and is great for muscular-skeleton disorders and relieving severe muscle tension.

Hot stone

Hot stone therapy is a relaxing experience that helps warm and relax tight muscles, as well as improve the flow of energy throughout the body.

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that emphasizes the mind-body connection. A must if you are a visitor to the Islands!

Prenatal massage

With prenatal massage, I takes extra care to ensure comfort and relaxation. With regular sessions, prenatal massage can improves sleep quality during pregnancy and help with an easier labor.

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology works through application of pressure on zones of the feet that correspond to the various glands and organs in the body.


Our sense of smell is often over looked, but with aromatherapy, soothing and cleansing essential oils are used to relax and calm the body and mind.

Clinical massage

Clinical massage can focus on problems or issues in the lower back, hips and pelvis, and upper and lower extremities.